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How to choose the perfect drainage system

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There are quite a few reasons why the wet room drainage shower system should be changed – you may be moving to a new home, you may be face-lifting your house, you may have a faulty drain system, and so on. It may be something as simple as just wanting to spend some money (just in case you have too much). Whatever the case might be, there are tons of options out there, on the market – and we are certain that you want to do some research and find out what is the best for you.

And you need to start by finding the right retailer. Where and how can you find it? Well, you should always go for the one which has the most varied offer, because in this way the chances that you will find what you need are greatly increased. In doing so, you won’t save just time, but also money – and that is because the biggest retailers also offer discounts on your purchases. Once you have found it, you can proceed with the actual wet room drain system choosing.

The next step you should make concerns the material from which the drains are made. And this is a pretty basic choice, since you can always go for the classic and stylish stainless steel. Water resistant and never going out of style, it is the choice made by most of our customers. But you can always widen your search and go for other types of materials – such as the latest antimicrobial compounds which can be found at us. Sure enough, stainless steel is the most obvious choice – but if you can add an extra dimension to your new drain system, maybe you should do that.

Then you should choose the type of drain – and this is also a fairly easy decision to be made. You can go for a ready-made shower room floor (which has its own drainage system incorporated), for a traditional point drain system (which can be found in most of the households), or for the linear or channel drains (which are being requested by more and more of our customers). As far as the modern wet room drain systems are concerned, these are the alternatives that you have.

And, among these three, the best decision to be made is for the linear drains – stylish and inconspicuous, robust and able to handle larger volumes of water, these types of drains are easy to install and eliminate the risks which come with choosing the former two. Because they are placed beside one of the walls, the risk of infiltration is reduced. Because they collect the water (and its impurities) on a larger area, the risk of clogging is greatly diminished. Lastly, because of the same reasons, they are very low maintenance.

Lastly, the final choice comes with personalizing your purchase – and this means literally anything else, from the colour of the drain to the design on the grating and even choosing accessories (such as LED lighting).

If you keep all these in mind, you will be on your way to finding the perfect wet room drain system for your household.