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Remodeling your bathroom

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Get the best partners and the best products when you plan on changing your life and remodeling your bathroom – get the top shower drains

We know that most of us dream of having a great place to call home, a house where the happiness happens, where we can get the rest and the relaxation we need and the place that our family can call home. We all work from morning till night to have this dream come true and we all put on all the efforts and make all the sacrifices needed to have it materialize. The one thing you need after a long and exhausting day is return back to your welcoming and warm house and your loving and happy family and just forget about all the hustle, stress and frustration a new day can throw on each of us. The comfort that a home offers compares to nothing else and the stability and the warm feeling is offers can make anyone feel happier and more accomplished, satisfied and content.

When at home, there is a ritual that we all have and that is having a relaxing bath or a cleansing shower that can wash down all that stress and tension and can make you a happy and calm person, ready to enjoy all those fun moments with the family. That is why the bathroom is such an important space in the house and it deserves a little attention when you build your house and when you design it. The accessories that you choose and the overall look can have a truly amazing effect on your mood and attitude and also on your wallet and savings. Make the wise choice and use good quality products if you want to have great results; use the accessories that can truly complement the overall design and can offer durability and comfort and you will end up having a truly relaxing space, almost a spa in your own house. Choose the best wall shower drain.

The shower drains that you use will have a big impact on the overall design as the models, shapes and sizes are very varied and choosing the perfect one will add the wow effect. The multitude of designs and shapes will help you in your search for the perfect accessories and it makes it an easier job remodeling your bathroom. You can easily transform your doll and outdates bathroom with just a few accessories and well chosen appliances, without many costs on your side and without the risk of blowing out your savings. You will surely be impressed on how a few changes can have such a big impact and you will be also getting a guarantee of durability. No one likes to have surprises in the bathroom and everybody knows how damaging mold caused by humidity or flooding can be. You can see your stuff and all the money invested destroyed in a few moments if the pluming fails and if a clog is preventing a good water drainage. That is why the shower drains that you will choose will have a big impact in your future savings and in the way your bathroom looks.

Choose to have a stylish and functional bathroom by using the best shower drains in the market and trust us to provide them to you. The materials that we use and the technology involved in manufacturing these products are the best guarantee of quality and durability. We are here to offer you the best products at the best price, the wisest choice is at your reach; discover how to improve your life by making a qualified and informed decision. Read more…

Best shower drains systems

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Shower Drain systems for your household

When it comes to shower drains for wet rooms, there are only three choices between which you can choose: the traditional point drains (which can be found in most of the households), the ready-made shower room floors (which come with traditional drains incorporated), and linear or channel drains (long and narrow profiles which don’t collect the water straight into the sewage pipe). Taken into consideration that the ready-made floors are, basically, all about traditional drains, our customers need to choose only between two.

And which one is the best? The traditional point drain or the linear one?

As the name suggests, the traditional drain is the one used by most of the customers. Fairly easy to install, fairly low maintenance, it has been around for decades. Over the course of time, some adjustments and improvements have been made, of course. But the basic design has remained the same. As far as these types of shower drains are concerned, they usually come in round or square shapes and are usually placed in the middle of the wet room (or thereabout). And while they do their job fairly well, they are prone to becoming faulty sooner rather than later.

And that is because they lead the water straight into the sewage pipe, which means that the impurities settle into the pipe, thus clogging it. And that is why this type of shower drain system is considered obsolete. With the clogging of the drain come all sorts of other problems, of course, such as overflowing, flooding, and infiltration.

The latter one also occurs because of the positioning of the drain itself. Because its shape and because of where it needs to be placed, the floor needs to have a concentric inclination towards it. And if the tiles of the wet room floor aren’t placed correctly, the water can and will become stagnant beneath them, instead of flowing into the drain.

In this way, the better alternative more and more of our customers consider is the one of the linear or channel drains. As said, these are long and narrow profiles which collect the water on a larger area and not directly in the sewage pipe. For this reason, with these types of shower drains the risk of clogging is diminished, since the impurities settle on the profile rather than in the pipe. Furthermore, because of their special design, the channel drains can handle larger flows of water and are very low maintenance – to prevent clogging, one only needs to wipe the profile with a piece of cloth from time to time. Best Stainless steel gullies from ECT.

But these aren’t the only advantages the linear drains have over the traditional point ones. The risk of infiltration becomes inexistent when having this type of drainage system, because of the shape and of the positioning of the drain itself. Placed beside one of the wet room walls, the floor needs just a small and imperceptible tilt towards a single direction.

In any way, no matter what kind of wet room drain you choose, you can certainly find it with us. Check out our website further and find out more about our best deals or, better yet, give us a call and benefit from a special discount on your first purchase. Change your shower drains now and save both time and money!